If you are looking for a quality supplier of decorative fireplaces and/or flue gas ducts, then the Innovative Heating Solutions Group is your ideal partner! 

Quality and execution

The Innovative Heating Solutions Group is your ideal partner if you are looking for a quality supplier of decorative fireplaces and/or flue gas ducts. We are a full-fledged production specialist for fireplaces and heaters, flue gas ducts and products for the heating and ventilation industry. Our problem solving capacity is great, just like our technical insight. We have a solution or can easily find a solution: from concept to product. We take care of everything for you. The Innovative Heating Solutions Group thus ensures optimal results and satisfied customers. Before, during and after every project.

Why choose the Innovative Heating Solutions Group?


The LEWO metal goods factory has been developing and producing high-quality flue gas discharge systems since 1980. LEWO has been an expert in the manufacture of stainless steel flue gas discharge systems and chimney systems for more than 40 years. LEWO B.V. supplies products under the name Holetherm. Durability, temperature resistance and safety are at the centre of everything we do. It is not without reason that for many years LEWO B.V. has been a leading light in the field of high-quality, reliable and safe smoke extraction systems for (gas) stoves, fireplaces and central heating units. LEWO develops and manufactures homegrown products.

De Hoeken B.V. integrated into LEWO in 2022. The objective was to offer customers a complete range of high-quality fireplaces, stoves, flue gas discharge, parts and accessories. LEWO also supplies semi-finished products for the ventilation and heating industry. LEWO does this as the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Based on this philosophy, LEWO offers a complete and innovative product range. LEWO supplies from a metal goods factory in Woudenberg.

thermoCet International BV

thermoCet is a Dutch company that has been developing and producing wood and gas fireplaces since 1974. thermoCet develops all its CE-approved products within its own R&D department. At thermoCet we pay a lot of attention to quality, durability, ease of installation and operation. Production and assembly take place in our own ISO-certified factory in Bosnia. The fireplaces have been sold under the name Trimline Fires since 2019. Since then the range has been expanded to include built-in gas fireplaces, free-standing gas fireplaces, wood and pallet stoves and electric fireplaces.

thermoCet also has a focus on OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies. thermoCet supplies semi-finished products to its partners as white label products.

Home Fire Creations BV

Home Fire supplies products to create a high-quality ambient fire in homes and gardens. Home Fire offers a complete range: from decorative fireplaces to flue gas exhausts from Holetherm. We supply products from A to Z thanks to the unique collaboration within the Innovation Group. Home Fire brings together the strength of the IHS Group by linking and connecting LEWO and thermoCet’s expertise and products.

Home Fire continues where most designers stop. Taking care of everything on behalf of our customer is at the centre of what we do. One of the ways we take care of everything is by fully supervising a project. This starts with supervising the quotation process and then providing support during construction and final delivery; finally, we are happy to take care of the after-care. This unique working method ensures Home Fire is a specialist in the project-based delivery of unique fireplaces. With more than thirty years of experience, we deliver striking projects for luxurious residential and holiday homes, designer gardens, hotels, holiday parks, catering companies and many other businesses. Home Fire is also a specialist in the supply of fireplaces combined with custom-made furniture such as conversion cabinets and furniture, TV alcoves and TV plateaus. We deliver custom work in any desired material.


Since 1980, metal goods factory LEWO has been engaged in custom manufacturing high-quality flue gas exhausts and chimneys from stainless steel. A conscious choice, because when used in flue gas discharge systems, no other material can exceed the durability, temperature resistance and safety of stainless steel.

In 1984, it started its own line of high-quality, insulated flue gas discharge systems under the name 'Holetherm Double-Walled'. The line consists of pipes, bends, roof plates, hoods and mounting materials. All good and affordable home-grown products. Sustainability is central to Holetherm. In addition, Holetherm invests a lot in the development of the product range.

Holetherm's product range has been expanded considerably in recent years. Thanks to modern production techniques, such as laser cutting, laser welding and resistance welding with inverter technology, Holetherm achieves the highest possible leak tightness, without discoloration around the weld. The product range is very extensive. As a result, Holetherm offers the most suitable solution for almost every situation.

Trimline Fires

Trimline Fires fireplaces are chic, modern and attractive. Trimline Fires fireplaces stand for quality. Far-reaching, sophisticated technologies are our standard. It is not without reason that our fireplaces are made to last a lifetime. Trimline Fires: for a lifetime, for a sustainable standard.

DHK haard­accessoires

Fireplace accessories are available in numerous designs. DHK Products offers various accessories for a more attractive appearance and operation of fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Looking for a specific accessory for a fireplace? Discover our wide range of fireplace accessories from DHK Products.

The Innovative Heating Solutions Group in brief

Reliable and safe

We are open, transparent and tell it like it is. We are direct in a respectful manner. We take feedback very seriously, and make good on our promises.


Our many years of experience have made us a household name for renowned distributors, dealers and installers.


We strive for perfection and to deliver consistent and high-quality products.


We develop innovative solutions thanks to our technological ambitions and years of experience with such technical systems as control technology and software.


A lasting relationship starts with trust, because together we move forward and an agreement is an agreement. We are there for each other, with products that are strongly focused on future-proofing.


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