Leading in the world of (ambient) heating

Our mission is to be a leading European total producer and distributor of innovative, sustainable (ambient) heating products.

What does the Innovative Heating Solutions Group stand for?

The Innovative Heating Solutions Group distinguishes itself through its high quality, efficiency and innovation. We do this by building valuable partnerships with customers, offering a diverse product range, and providing large production quantities.

The result: realising and producing high-quality products for decorative fireplaces and flue gas discharge ducts. We are ambitious and look ahead to the future. This is how we produce at the lowest possible price. 

We keep our production prices low by listening to our customers and investing in our professionals and, of course, our machinery. Reliable and responsible production is very important to us.

The origins of the Innovative Heating Solutions Group

The LEWO metal goods factory has been engaged in the custom manufacture of high-quality stainless steel flue gas exhausts and chimneys since 1980. This is a conscious choice because no other material can exceed the durability, temperature resistance and safety of stainless steel when used in flue gas discharge systems. The expertise and working methods of the factory back then soon proved successful. The demand for reliable, standardised flue gas discharge systems with the well-known LEWO quality increased. 1984 saw the introduction of a line of high-quality, insulated flue gas discharge systems under the name: Holetherm. Double-walled pipes, bends, roof plates, hoods and mounting materials were produced under this name. They were solid, affordable homegrown products. This turned out to be right on target.
In 2007, LEWO B.V. was sold to a new owner with whom a business relationship had existed for many years. The starting point remained the same: the production of high-quality flue gas exhausts for a competitive price. The product programme was improved and expanded in the years that followed. This was complimented by continual investment in the most modern production technologies such as laser cutting, laser welding and resistance welding with inverter technology (which achieves the highest possible leak tightness around the weld without discolouration). This has resulted in a total range, which means there is a Holetherm solution for almost every situation. Of course, solutions are also possible for special situations.

Reliable and safe

We are open, transparent and tell it like it is. We are direct in a respectful manner. We take feedback very seriously, and make good on our promises.


Our many years of experience have made us a household name for renowned distributors, dealers and installers.


We strive for perfection and to deliver consistent and high-quality products.


We develop innovative solutions thanks to our technological ambitions and years of experience with such technical systems as control technology and software.


A lasting relationship starts with trust, because together we move forward and an agreement is an agreement. We are there for each other, with products that are strongly focused on future-proofing.

Working at the Innovative Heating Solutions Group

The Innovative Heating Solutions Group is a family business active in the field of decorative fireplaces and flue gas ducts for over 40 years. And we continue to develop. We are looking for enthusiastic new colleagues who will help us realise our ambitions.

We currently have no vacancies

Are you interested in working at Innovative Heating Solutions Group? Then send an open application with your motivation and CV to e.westerduin@lewo.nl

Behind the scenes at the Innovative Heating Solutions Group

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