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Innovative Heating Solutions Group is a collective of Dutch companies. Joining the forces of several companies, the Innovative Heating Solutions Group is a pioneer as a total manufacturer and distributor of innovative (ambient) heating products . High-quality is central to our business. Not only in the development of our products, but particularly in building long-term relationships with our customers and colleagues. We strive to improve ourselves every day.

Innovative Heating Solutions Group bundles its forces

Innovative Heating Solutions Group innovates by combining the strengths of different companies. Working together ensured the Innovative Heating Solutions Group was able to grow into an international family business. Find out more about the latest developments:


Dutch quality from Woudenberg. The LEWO metal goods factory has been engaged in the custom manufacture of high-quality stainless steel flue gas exhausts and chimneys since 1980. LEWO develops and produces under the name Holetherm. Temperature resistance, durability and safety are important key points in the development and manufacture of LEWO smoke extraction systems.

thermoCet International B.V.

thermoCet International B.V. develops and produces a wide range of high-quality gas stoves, inserts and built-in fireplaces. Thanks to our knowledge and years of expertise, each and every one is a perfect creation. Furthermore, thermoCet is a Dutch manufacturer and distributor with international allure. thermoCet keeps everything under control – from the initial research, to the production of a fireplace.

Home Fire Creations B.V.

High-end total solutions for built-in fireplaces for garden and interior. Home Fire Creations B.V. supplies exclusive ambient fire solutions. This means Home Fire Creations provides tailor-made solutions for many different projects. Customisation is tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer. This creates the most attractive built-in fireplaces for indoors and outdoors.


Holetherm offers a Dutch product of proven quality. The Holetherm smoke extraction system is modular and easy to build. The smoke extraction system can be used for central heating boilers, attractive wood and gas stoves and pellet stoves. Safety, reliability, durability and temperature resistance are important core elements for Holetherm.

Trimline Fires

Trimline Fires delivers innovation, quality and ambience in decorative fireplaces. Trimline Fires fireplaces offer the perfect combination of modern technology and ambience. It is not without reason that they have been known as the best of their kind for many years.

DHK products

DHK products offers a complete range for installing and decorating (ambient) fireplaces. From accessories to complete installation sets for installing or renovating a fireplace or stove: DHK products has everything in stock. DHK products is also a supplier of insulation material, ventilation sets, complete fireplace sets and spare parts for fireplaces and stoves.

Reliable and safe

We are open, transparent and tell it like it is. We are direct in a respectful manner. We take feedback very seriously, and make good on our promises.


Our many years of experience have made us a household name for renowned distributors, dealers and installers.


We strive for perfection and to deliver consistent and high-quality products.


We develop innovative solutions thanks to our technological ambitions and years of experience with such technical systems as control technology and software.


A lasting relationship starts with trust, because together we move forward and an agreement is an agreement. We are there for each other, with products that are strongly focused on future-proofing.


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About the Innovative Heating Solutions Group

Our range of unique decorative fireplaces, flue gas discharge ducts, accessories and other products and parts ensures we meet the complete needs and specific wishes of wholesalers, dealers, installers, designers and (landscape) architects. But consumers have also come to the right place here. Our ultimate goal: creating unforgettable ambient heating for everyone.

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